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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During the first session, the therapist will start with an intake assessment to determine the nature of your presenting issues. This would include asking for information with regards to symptoms related to your mental health, to understand the extent of how it is affecting your daily life. 

In addition, your therapist will also inquire about your family background, interpersonal relationships, educational and employment history, and your physical health. The purpose of doing so is to assist you to understand what are the contributing factors to your mental health concerns. 

By the end of the session, the therapist will explain and advise regarding your mental health concerns so that you will be able to develop a better understanding of your presenting issues. You will also collaborate with the therapist in establishing treatment goals and the direction of therapy. If you have any questions or doubts, you may discuss them with your therapist before the session ends. 

Research has shown that online treatment can be as effective as face-to-face treatment when it comes to addressing many mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Online therapy not only offers the convenience of therapy in the comfort of your own private space, it is also cost-effective and more accessible!

For more details, you may refer to this informative article The Effectiveness of Online Therapy.

The therapy duration depends on a range of factors, such as the nature and severity of the mental health issues, financial capability, treatment goals, and lifestyle considerations. Therefore, you reserve the right to determine the duration based on your availability. The sessions are typically done on a weekly basis. However, you may also have the session fortnightly or once a month. 

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