STEM Concerns


Because the future is in technology, every country is racing to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) capabilities. From STEM education to applications and future consequences, we investigate how STEM influences and will continue to affect our lives in the future.

The gender gap in STEM

Women are substantially underrepresented in STEM education and representation in STEM-related employment in many nations, as seen by the most recent accessible statistics on women in STEM in Singapore (IBC). Only four women have won the Nobel Prize in Physics since its commencement, accounting for 6.9 percent of total recipients. However, there appears to be hope: girls and women in nations noted for gender disparity, such as Iran, appear to be defying the trend.


Tech comes to the rescue.

Technology has always been intended to assist humans, from performing household duties to assisting us in moving about. So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing some high-tech equipment appear on the battlefield against Covid-19, such as high-tech masks, sanitizers, and more. Tech also plays an important part in supporting the disabled or the old, with products that are getting more intuitive.


Education’s current state

Many countries are emphasizing STEM education, and we look at how Singapore is gradually incorporating this into the curriculum. However, while hard STEM is the way of the future, we must not overlook the value of arts and humanities in instilling a sense of responsibility and intuitive design into future technologies


Technology x Entertainment

We’re all accustomed to technology playing a significant role in the content we consume. And no one understands this more than the Koreans, who are spreading the Hallyu Wave even in the midst of a global pandemic by watching K-drama on streaming sites and attending virtual concerts. It’s also because of technology that we now have new types of “entertainers” — Youtube, TikTok, and Twitch are just a few of the platforms where anyone can become an internet celebrity. However, because technology is so widely available and simple to use, it’s no wonder that some people are exploiting it not only for adult enjoyment but also to invent a new sort of cybercrime.


Technology’s Future

Do you ever wonder what our future will look like, given the rate of technological advancement? Many people, including tech titan Elon Musk, believe that a future with AI will be disastrous, and if movies like The Terminator are any indication, are we doomed? We look at three possible future AI scenarios. Another version of humanity’s future is one with Mind Upload — it’s also been proposed in many works of science fiction. Will humanity survive in this manner in the future, or is it all a poor idea? Using science fiction as an example, we look at how they can be utilized. The real future, on the other hand, maybe extremely different, and not everything predicted will come true. We also look at how several technological “prophecies” from the past either did not come true or are entirely useless in this day and age.


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