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Our recommended list of free A-Level exam resources

The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the educational authorities of British Crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-university education. 

Here are some free resources to dive into while preparing for the exam.

1) A-Level Lessons (Youtube) 

Math subjects such as Permutations and Combinations and the Evaluation in AQ for General Paper (GP) can be difficult to grasp, but A Level Lessons’ lecture-style videos break them down step-by-step. Their primary focus is on GP, although they will occasionally offer study advice that applies to other subjects as well. Students that like visual and aural learning methods may benefit greatly from this channel.

Check it out here.

2) S-Cool (UK) 

S-Cool provides free revision guides and question banks for plenty of A-Level subjects. With free registration, you’ll be able to join over 7 million other students who use this site to revise for the exam. They include biology, chemistry, physics, maths, economics, and much more. 

Check it out here.

3) RevisionMaths

If you’re struggling with Maths, we highly recommend checking out RevisionMaths. Students can get free GCSE and A-Level maths revision materials and test tips from this site. RevisionMaths, which also offers revision videos and an online application to help students plan their study schedules.

Check it out here.

4) A-Level Biology

A-Level Biology focuses on assisting students through free samples notes and resources to improve their biology test scores. Their notes help you tackle the various questions in AS and A2 Level Biology.

Check it out here.

5) A-Level Chemistry

Those looking to improve their A-Level Chemistry test scores should definitely check out this page. They provide all users with free revision notes to go over. With over 800+ quiz questions and 54 mindmaps, you can guarantee to improve your chemistry results here.

Check it out here.

6) Economics Online

Economics Online provides the most up-to-date knowledge about economics around the globe. Besides that, you’ll be able to find quizzes and questions on the basics of economics and important principles like ‘price determination’ and ‘contestability and efficiency’. 

Check it out here.

The subjects that are taken in this exam include:

Language and Literature:

Science and Mathematics:

Social Sciences and Religion:

And Many More

Why GCE-A level Home Or Online Tuition in Singapore?

GCE-A level is one of the significant obstacle your child will experience in his or her scholarly life, although it is not the last determinant. A student who did not do well for their GCE-A level can still excel in life. It is not a doom and gloom situation.

GCE-A Level Home Or Online Tuition helps students who are struggling with their GCE-A Level related grades in school.
Private home or online tuition allows a tutor to quickly assess the student’s understanding and pace of learning faster than a group session.
A well-tailored lesson plan by the tutor can be adjusted according to the student’s learning ability.

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