Green Tech in Singapore


  The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a Master Research Collaboration Agreement with Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd (Keppel Infrastructure), a Singapore-based energy

NUS and Singapore’s 5G Talent


More than 3,000 Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents have been trained in 5G and related technologies in the last year, according to statistics provided by

Importance of Performing Arts


Early childhood is a time of exploration and discovery. Young children learn about the world around them through watching the environment, comprehending their surroundings, and

Digital Supply Chain


Consider a world where things are supplied to customers before they even place a purchase. Where the supply chain can be purchased as a service

Two Majors At Once


Choosing a second major, whether as an entering freshman or as a current student, is a substantial decision. On the one hand, having a second

Three Habits To Break In 2022


We create our habits first, and then they create us. Consider this: the behaviors you’ve been exercising for the previous few years have primarily shaped

Social-Emotional Development At Home


You are, without a doubt, your child’s entire world, especially during their early years. Your child is born with an insatiable need to learn about

Advantages and Disadvantage of Blockchain

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Blockchain is a cutting-edge database technology that powers almost all cryptocurrencies. Blockchain makes it incredibly difficult to hack or cheat the system by spreading identical