As A Study Destination, Singapore Is a Great Place To Go

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is in charge of overseeing and running Singapore’s schools and other government-funded educational institutions. The Ministry of Education oversees and advises private schools in Singapore.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city-state with a world-class educational system that provides several options for overseas students. International students who choose to study in Singapore gain access to a global community as well as an educational environment that promotes success.

A few quick facts

Singapore has the greatest math and scientific education for secondary school institutions, according to the Deloitte 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index.

The National Institution of Singapore (NUS) is the world’s eighth best university, and the first in Asia to make the top ten in the 2013 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject. In Asia’s top university rankings, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is ranked 17th.
According to the Mercer Survey 2011’s Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings, Singapore has the greatest environment, facilities, and infrastructure for inhabitants to enjoy a high quality of life.

Singapore is legally multilingual, having English mixed in with one of three mother tongues: Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil.

Higher education expenses are very inexpensive since the government extensively subsidizes a significant portion of the whole tuition fees for students studying at Singapore universities and polytechnics in the form of a tuition grant.

The Most Important Reasons to Study in Singapore

  • Singapore is regarded as one of the best places in the world to pursue a competitive degree. The country’s stunning scenery and worldwide connections make it an enticing place for foreign students to live, socialize, and work together.
    Academic Excellence Center.
  • Singapore is a top-ranked education hub that offers students a global perspective and a diverse range of possibilities. Singapore’s education system is broad, ranging from an internationally acclaimed public school system to world-class universities.
  • Education that is both affordable and accessible.
  • Singapore’s tuition prices are reasonable, and the cost of living is much cheaper than that of many wealthy countries. Scholarships, bursaries, student grants, and loans are among the financial aid options available.


Infrastructure that is of the highest quality and is easily accessible.

Singapore is well connected to all parts of the world via sea, air, and telecommunications. Traveling in and around Singapore is extremely comfortable and inexpensive thanks to an integrated transportation system that includes air-conditioned bus services, MRT lines, and affordable taxis. MRT and public transport fares are discounted for students.

Hub for International Trade

With its sophisticated infrastructure, political stability, and open business policies, Singapore is continuously acknowledged as a global economic powerhouse. The World Bank ranks it as one of the best places to do business, and the World Economic Forum in Switzerland considers it to have one of the world’s most stable economies. International people have a plethora of employment and networking opportunities in Singapore.

Way of life that is vibrant and cosmopolitan

Singapore may appear to be a small dot on the globe, but it bustles with attractions and activities all over. Several cultural groups, including Indians, Chinese, Malays, and Eurasians, coexist peacefully in the country, highlighting the country’s affluent multicultural past.


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