3D Printing: Print me out the Moon


Have you ever been envious of a friend’s Rolex watch? You might be able to print your own in the future. 3D printing technology, in a twist on the ancient technique of alchemy (making your own gold from lead), could help this dream come true. We can now make goods out of steel, plastic, porcelain, glass, and even ooey-gooey chocolate, and as the cost of consumer-oriented printers falls, more people will have access to a wider selection of products.


This isn’t just true for toys and clothing. Foodini by Natural Machines is now being utilized to assist in the preparation of delicate haute cuisine dishes. Food printers that cook as well as print your food are on the horizon. There is immense satisfaction to be received from planning and building, as evidenced by the popularity of Minecraft (recall ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Babylon,’ Lord of the Rings ‘Minas Tirith,’ and Game of Thrones’ metropolis ‘King’s Landing’ created out of textured blocks). What would we change in the world if we were given our own world-building blocks (in the form of 3D printers)?


Our options, on the other hand, are certainly not dwindling as technological advancements continue. Scientists are working on printing organs for transplantation, which might save a lot of lives. It’s as if Bella Swan was given vampire powers and suddenly became capable of so much more. We are on the verge of the “third industrial revolution,” which will rise like a wave of colors, bringing with it a plethora of possibilities and transformations. I hope you’ve brought your surfboard with you.


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